Phil аватар

 On our catamaran has a large head (toilet) with shower. It is located at the stern of the left hull. By yacht size it is quite big, about 1m X 1,2m. It made a shower, which are sink (faucet is designed as a shower, that it was watering and flexible hose), shelves, and the head (sea-type, flowing gas type). The floor has a drain hole on the side of a pedestal sink rubber button on the pump (ie, when water is taken, you simply press the button pump water). Unfortunately, the design does not provide a tank for "black water" under the sink, so all that merges into the sink (and in the galley, too) and goes down the toilet, everything comes at once into the sea. I hope in future to put a tank for "black water", so no problems to use the toilets and showers in the marina.

Over the door at the rear, there is a large machine room, which in addition to the engine are rechargeable batteries, charger and a panel 220V. In addition it is a fairly large area (about 2.5 cubic meters) is used as a pantry.

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