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 A total of FP Tobago 35 has 5 cabins, three double and two single cabins:

Owner's cabin located in the left(portside) hull, and its main difference from others in that bed there lies across hull. Such an arrangement has two plus: less unpleasant perceived pitching and climb onto the bed can be as at home - from side =) In all, certainly the largest cabin on the catamaran =)


In the fore part of the left hull is single cabin, symmetrical of right hull (see below)
IN THE RIGHT hull , there are three cabins:


Single cabin, also called "dog's house" because to get to it only through the upper hatch (right on the deck) or through a hatch leading to the middle cabin (the cabin owner or right middle). This cabin is probably more suitable for long-term storage than for permanent residency.

Next to the RIGHT hull cabin, it's double. It is slightly smaller than the cabin owner, and bunk in it lies along the hull. In the cabin a lot of space to store personal belongings 

And just like in a cabin owner in it is an escape hatch (you need both for emergency escape if catamaran is capsized, and for access into the catamaran after capsizing)

In the stern part of the RIGHT hull is another double cabin. In it the same way as in the other double cabins have bunk trapezoid shape 1.4m (head) -1.1 m (in feet) x 2m. Berth is the engine room of the right engine. If you routinely drive a little noisy and there is a vibration. But at this cabin there is a definite plus that distinguishes it from others - there is a porthole overlooking the cockpit, and in case of rain and / or on the move, it can be kept open.


All cabins have lights and 220 V (for use in cold weather and parking heaters)

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