Phil аватар


Salon located in the center of catamaran. Inside, there are a table (5 persons are placed on the couch), navigation table and galley. Unlike monohulls boats, catamarans, we have almost 360-degree view, and it gives a very important advantage in terms of habitability and comfort - you can always see the horizon. This is useful from the standpoint of psychology (who wants to live in a semi-basement =)), and from the point of view seaseekness (when you are looking at the horizon, it is strongly swayed less). In front of the cabin has two large hatch (ventilation) and another smaller one is a hatch in the roof of the cabin, just above the galley stove (works like a hood).
General view in the cabin:



In the galley (kitchen) has a gas cooker (3 + oven), refrigerator (12V, cooling refrigerant through a heat exchanger with seawater) and able to work in the mode of the freezer (without a separate compartment), a sink with hot and cold water (under pressure). The general impression from the galley - all very comfortable and in their places. Storage space for food a lot. Cook in the galley can be human = 1.5) (a cook, and another example peeling potatoes on the other side of the rack)
Interior, view of the galley:


Chart-table is made is not very convenient, but then its location has its advantages, for example if I need to work with my computer, then I just stand the laptop on the main table. Above the navigation table is the panel. If you look at the photo, the left hand side (facing the stern) is a panel of switches for 12V - everything is light control and electric power devices and on the right side are NAVTEX (weather receiver), the repeater devices (LOG-speed, depth sounder, depth and Wind), a separate GPS (Garmin 126) and VHF radio (NorthStar Explorer 710). Later there will be set and other appliances. The bank (the couch) right under your feet is the navigator radio. 

Interior, view of the navigator's seat (left side):

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